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140 Surf & Turf Challenge

Introducing "The Ilkley Cow's 140 Surf&Turf Challenge"!

The Challenge is to eat:

70oz Spiral Cut Ribeye Steak AND 70 shell on Tiger Prawns cooked in garlic butter AND a portion of chips within ONE HOUR time.

If you finish before the time is up, it’s FREE, otherwise, it’s £150.

Challenge available Monday to Thursday & booking required!

We have different rules for “Professionals” (competitive eaters) and “Normal People”

“Professionals”: 1 person to finish the whole meal by themselves; “Normal People”: 2 people to share it.

Think you can handle it? Tag your partner & take on our Surf&Turf Challenge!

“The Ilkley Cow's Surf&Turf Challenge” T&Cs: 1. The cost of participation in “The Ilkley Cow's Surf&Turf Challenge” is £150, unless it’s completed (food eaten, dishes clean, excluding prawns shells and heads), then it’s FREE of charge. 2. The Challenge needs to be completed within ONE HOUR from serving. 3. “Professionals”(Competitive Eaters) need to complete The Challenge by themselves. “Normal People” are allowed to share The Challenge between 2. 4. Drinks are not included and have to be paid for separately.


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